9 Weeks Pregnant

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You are now 9 weeks pregnant. During the last 3 weeks, your baby has increased more than three times in size and now looks far more human, though still quite minute. The flagellum-like “tail” has disintegrated and the limbs are now growing in proportion to the body, unlike earlier when they appear much smaller than a proportionate body’s. The development is limited merely to the baby. The placenta, which forms a channel for nutrition and gaseous exchange between the mother and the baby, is beginning to grow and is increasing in size in order to perform its functions more and more efficiently to match the growth in the baby’s demand over the coming weeks.

9 Weeks Pregnant 9 Weeks Pregnant

Development in 9th Week Pregnancy

The heart of the baby, although still much smaller than that of an adult, is by now beating at a rate of 170 beats per minute, which is in excess of the heart beat rate of an adult’s heart by a margin of a 100 beats per minute. It’s fully developed at this stage, with just an increase in size required, which will take place in due course.

The thoracic cavity has attained an appearance much similar to the fully matured cavity seen in full grown humans. The diaphragm, a thick and flexible band of muscle “draws the line” between the chest where the lungs develop into being, and the abdomen wherein lie the organs of the digestive system. Over in the uterus, the placenta is continuing to become concentrated and more distinct, though it is not yet in working order.

Appearance in 9th Week Pregnancy

The morphology of the baby is continuing to resemble, by an ever-increasing extent, that of a fully grown baby (though still very small in size), and being “chiseled” into perfect shape. The increase in size of the limbs is particularly fast during the whole of this week, and it will leave the fingers and toes much more distinct and web-free. The upper lip of the baby is now visible, along with the increasingly mature ears on the face, which still disproportionately makes up half of the whole body of the baby. The neck is clearer on the body and the genitals’ formation has also been initiated by now. From this week onwards, rapid growth will occur. According to The American Pregnancy Association, by the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, (i.e. the first thirteen weeks) the baby will approximately be 3 inches (76mm) in length and will weigh almost 1 ounce (28g). Most of this growth and increase in length occurs during the last three weeks of this trimester (Week 9 to Week 12) and in this period, the baby roughly doubles in length.

9 Weeks Baby 9 Weeks Pregnant

9 Weeks Baby Size

Movement in 9th Week Pregnancy

The support and movement mechanism is now greatly improved in your baby, enabling them to make more clear-cut movements within the uterus. As opposed to the 8th week, when the only movement the baby was capable of was gentle kicking, the baby can now move and stretch his limbs, and has gained some flexibility in his spine as well. This limited locomotion promotes healthy growth of your baby, and is an indicator of a satisfactorily progressing pregnancy for your doctor, if an ultrasound is done to monitor progress at this stage. It would seem, to many people, that the mother would be bound to feel such movements by her baby inside her, if they were as pronounced as documented. Though the truth is entirely opposite to what seems obvious. A mother does not feel the baby’s movements until several weeks later, which though much more pronounced now than they have ever been since the onset of the limb formation, are still quite insignificant at the macro level owing to the small size of the baby. The movements the baby makes can still be observed by getting an ultrasound scan done, which due to its great sensitivity and accuracy, may show the baby moving within the uterus even though the mother herself is not able to feel the movement yet.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms

You might experience following pregnancy symptoms when you are 9 weeks pregnant:

  • Breast tenderness, fullness, darkening of the areola.
  • Frequent Urination
  • Fatigue and Morning Sickness
  • Constipation
  • Heartburn or Indigestion
  • Headaches

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