7 Weeks Pregnant

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You are 7 weeks pregnant and now, rushing hormones particularly, progesterone, oestrogen, HPL and HCG, would make you aware of pregnancy. You will feel tired because of the huge hard work you body is putting into the development of that baby. This is the stage at which the embryo takes the shape of human-like fetus.

Development in 7th Week Pregnancy

Heart, though has not yet developed the usual complex structure, of which a fully developed heart is generally made up of, has four chambers that are clearly visible. Other organs like lungs, muscles, bones, limbs are also forming apace.

7 Weeks Pregnant 7 Weeks Pregnant

Different areas of brain- (1) the forebrain, which controls memory and thinking. (2) The midbrain, which is responsible for co-coordinating messages. (3) The hindbrain, which regulates the heart, breathing and movements of muscles in the body.—will be defined by rapidly growing ridges. Alongside the nasal and oral cavities will keep on developing.

Appearance in 7th Week Pregnancy

Limb buds have now taken a well recognizable shape. Neck separates large head from the rest of the body. Development of lips, tongue, and tip of nose continues though they are as small as a baked bean.

7 Weeks Baby 7 Weeks Pregnant

7 Weeks Baby Size

Movement in 7th Week Pregnancy

Now the small movements of your baby can be detected using sensitive ultrasound equipment. Although, mechanical detection using high tech equipment is possible but you cannot feel those movements until you are 18 weeks pregnant.  Although the development of the sex glands has begun yet the determination of the sex of the developing fetus is still not possible using ultrasound scan.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms

When you are 7 weeks pregnant, you may experience cramping, tender breasts, and frequent urination.

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