37 Weeks Pregnant

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In case you want to have your delivery in hospital, you need to pack your hospital bag by now so that you don’t miss anything important in a hasty packing. Make sure that you have all the important things such as money, number of a person to be contacted in case of emergency, address book with you while going out. Make sure that your hospital bag remains with you whenever you go out. Keep your hospital bad ready even if you plan to have your baby at home in case any emergency situation arises.

Development in 37th Week Pregnancy

At 37 weeks pregnant, the growth of your baby is almost complete and from now on the major emphasis will be on the size and strength of your baby. Your baby will develop about 28 grams of fat deposits underneath her skin per day from now onwards. The brain cells continue to develop even after she is born.

37 Weeks Pregnant 37 Weeks Pregnant

The testicles in a baby boy move down into the scrotum in most of the cases. However, there may necessary to have a surgery in 3 percent of cases to keep things right on path and that too before the age of 2 years.

Appearance in 37th Week Pregnancy

Her appearance won’t change much in last few weeks. She already looks like a proper baby, though smaller in size.

Movement in 37th Week Pregnancy

At 37 weeks pregnant, the head of the baby begins to move down into the pelvis area in a preparation for the labor. As soon as her head settles down into the pelvis, the bulge in your abdomen also lowers.

 37 Weeks Pregnant

37 Weeks Baby Size

If this is your second or successive baby, then your baby may not drop into the pelvis region until before the labor time. This is due to the fact that your muscles are not strong enough to hold the baby as they were for the first time.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms

At week 37 of Pregnancy, following pregnancy symptoms have been reported:

  • Breast tenderness and fullness and darkening of areola
  • Frequent/Regular Urination
  • Stretch Marks and Itching
  • Constipation, Indigestion and Headaches
  • Round Ligament Pains
  • Hemorrhoids

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