36 Weeks Pregnant

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At 36 weeks pregnant, the major concern for many women is the Braxton Hicks contractions. These become more frequent as the due date comes closer. Whenever you experience Braxton Hicks contractions, you can practice breathing to ease the pressure on your abdomen. Last few weeks will be passed in preparation for the labor and thereafter.

Development in 36th Week Pregnancy

The development of your baby is almost done. However, if she is born at this point, she is still considered a premature baby that may require some medical attention for her survival. The fats continue to build up under her skin and her lungs continue to grow.

36 Weeks Pregnant 36 Weeks Pregnant

Appearance in 36th Week Pregnancy

The only person who can tell you whether your baby is growing at a normal rate and is in proper position is your midwife. She will feel your abdomen and see whether your baby is in right position before the labor and if she is growing normally. Nails are fully developed on her fingers and toes. When your baby is born, she has quite long nails, though soft and delicate. The face of your baby is now plumper than before.

 36 Weeks Pregnant

36 Weeks Baby Size

Movement in 36th Week Pregnancy

The growing size of your baby make it difficult for her to move freely in the uterus as she has less space than before but still you will experience some movements from her such as moving positions. Majority of the babies move to breech position, i.e. head-down position by this time. But some babies wait until the time of labor to change their positions.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms

At 36 weeks pregnant, following pregnancy symptoms have been reported:

  • Breast tenderness and fullness and darkening of areola
  • Frequent/Regular Urination
  • Stretch Marks and Itching
  • Constipation, Indigestion and Headaches
  • Round Ligament Pains
  • Hemorrhoids

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