34 Weeks Pregnant

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Now you are very near to your due date, you may be overwhelmed by feelings of apprehension and expectation. A lot of questions will start bugging your mind. The only way to deal with such thoughts is to gather more and more information regarding pregnancy and childbirth. Such information will help you clear your doubts and you will find yourself relax and calm in this critical time of pregnancy. You can also talk to your midwife about your doubts. Remember, you need to be in control of your pregnancy in order to feel comfortable and satisfied.

Development in 34th Week Pregnancy

At 34 weeks pregnant, The fat build-ups under your baby skin will now accounts for 15 percent of her total weight and these are continue to build until the labor time. Good news is that if your baby is born at this stage, she will be able to breathe on her own in the external world without any artificial aid as her lungs are just about to develop.

34 Weeks Pregnant 34 Weeks Pregnant

Taste buds are already there and her nervous system is also developed by now. She has also developed liking for particular flavors by now.

Appearance in 34th Week Pregnancy

The soft fluffy lanugo is now vanished from her body. The hair on her head is getting thicker with each passing week. The fat build-ups under her skin make her skin look much more smooth and soft. A sticky vernix is still covering her body. The gums in her mouth are stronger and obvious.

 34 Weeks Pregnant

34 Weeks Baby Size

Movement in 34th Week Pregnancy

At 34 weeks pregnant, you will experience some strong movements from her pushing her foot or knee strongly against the wall of the uterus. There are some flickering movements as well which are made by her hands in the uterus. At this stage, you yourself can judge the position of the baby in the uterus by feeling or palpating your abdomen. However, your midwife is in better position to tell the position of your baby.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms

Following pregnancy symptoms have been reported in week 34:

  • Breast tenderness and fullness and darkening of areola
  • Frequent/Regular Urination
  • Stretch Marks and Itching
  • Constipation, Indigestion and Headaches
  • Round Ligament Pains
  • Hemorrhoids

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