19 Weeks Pregnant

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With each passing week, your baby is becoming familiar with the external world. At 19 weeks pregnant, she is now able to give response to different factors such as sound, movement, touch/tapping of abdomen and bright light. At this stage, the large and sharp sounds may cause your baby to move around in the uterus forcefully. You may not be able to feel these movements so often.

Development in 19th Week Pregnancy

The major development is happening in your baby’s brain where millions of cells are forming. Her movements become more controlled as her brain nerves linked themselves to the muscles. Surprisingly, your baby has the same number of nerve cells as a mature human, though a protective layer, myelin still not there to cover the nerves.

19 Weeks Pregnant 19 Weeks Pregnant

Fat deposits continue to develop under her skin which is vital for maintaining her body temperature. A good number of ‘brown fat’ deposits accumulate around her neck, groin and chest. The placenta continues to grow in size and measured almost the size of baby.

Appearance in 19th Week Pregnancy

The previously flat ears are now prominent on the sides of her head. Just behind her milk teeth buds, the permanent tooth buds begin to appear. Her wrinkled skin is covered up with a waxy substance known as vernix, released from the sebaceous glands and act as a waterproof coating to keep your baby safe from different sort of infections.

 19 Weeks Pregnant

19 Weeks Baby Size

Movement in 19th Week Pregnancy

Some women start feeling movements by this stage, while some may not feel any movement up to 22nd week of gestation. These movements are still very faint as your baby still has enough space to move around freely in the uterus. With the developing nerve cells, your baby will develop more control on her movements. She will start making fist of her hands, curling toes, kicking her legs, punching etc.

In an ultrasound scan, you can see her tongue when she opens her mouth and also the changing facial expressions.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms

At 19 weeks pregnant, pregnant woman may feel the following symptoms:

  • Breast tenderness and fullness
  • Darkening of areola
  • Frequent/Regular Urination
  • Stretch Marks and Itching
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion and Headaches

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