16 Weeks Pregnant

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At 16 weeks pregnant, The baby is developing at quick rate in the uterus. Majority of her organs are formed and the focus is now on the development of these organs. With every passing week, your baby is becoming more active and energetic. You can observe her athletic abilities through ultrasound scan. Also, an ultrasound scan may even provide you an opportunity to perceive familiar facial features like her father’s chin or her mother’s nose.

Development in 16th Week Pregnancy

In case you are expecting a baby girl, over four million eggs will be formed in her ovaries, though the numbers will decrease by the time of her birth.

16 Weeks Pregnant 16 Weeks Pregnant

Tiny nails are now visible on her fingers and toes. The skeleton has also formed which can be visible in an X-ray. Her lungs are still developing and perhaps the last among all other organs to develop completely. She is getting oxygen supply from blood through the umbilical cord. To support the lungs development, she starts practicing breathing movements by inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid.

Appearance in 16th Week Pregnancy

At 16 weeks pregnant, the face of your baby is more like a human. She is now able to make several facial expressions as well. She has now learned to suck her thumb, yawn and make a fist of her hands.

 16 Weeks Pregnant

16 Weeks Baby Size

Movement in 16th Week Pregnancy

By the end of this week, you will start feeling the movements made by your baby in the uterus. The first movement that you will start feeling is a sort of fluttering of a butterfly. At this stage, these movements are very faint and you may not able to recognize whether your baby is moving or something else causes this feeling. If you don’t feel any movements as yet, there is nothing to worry about as these movements will become obvious in coming weeks.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms

During week 16 of pregnancy, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Breast tenderness and fullness
  • Darkening of areola
  • Frequent Urination
  • Stretch Marks and Itching
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion and Headaches

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