15 Weeks Pregnant

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This is perhaps the time to start communicating with your baby. The amniotic fluid is a good source to conduct sound waves. At 15 weeks pregnant, your baby is already hearing your heartbeat and stomach noises. It has been proved by research that the newborns are very much harmonized with their mother’s voices probably due to those muffled sounds they hear while still inside the uterus.

Development in 15th Week Pregnancy

Despite the fact that her eyelids are fused shut in her eyes, she becomes sensitive to light. Sharp, bright light causes your baby to squint.

15 Weeks Pregnant 15 Weeks Pregnant

In case your baby possesses genes for dark hair, cells in her hair follicles will produce dark pigment. An ultrasound scan will show your baby opening her mouth and swallowing amniotic fluid on regular basis.

Appearance in 15th Week Pregnancy

At 15 weeks pregnant, all the organs of your baby are getting into proportion. She now has her legs longer than her arms. Her body is covered with tiny, soft hairs called the lanugo. Small, fluffy hair appears on her head as well. Her eyes now have very fine eyebrows and eyelashes, though her eyes remain fused shut for another few weeks. You can still see a complex network of blood vessels under her translucent skin.

 15 Weeks Pregnant

15 Weeks Baby Size

Movement in 15th Week Pregnancy

As you are still in your early pregnancy, the size of your baby is very small and she can move freely in the amniotic fluid. She is small enough to take different postures in the uterus at this stage of pregnancy.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms

During week 15 of pregnancy, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Breast tenderness and fullness.
  • Frequent Urination
  • Stretch Marks and Itching
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion and Headaches

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