12 Weeks Pregnant

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At 12 weeks pregnant, your baby has grown to the size of a lemon or plum. Many women feel relaxed because the risks of miscarriage reduces a lot by the end of 12th week. Majority of the organs of your baby has completed by now and the major stress is on her growth. This week also marked as the completion of placenta.

Development in 12th Week Pregnancy

The ears are now positioned at the side of the head and the facial features and muscles are fully developed as well. Tooth buds are now placed on the jaws. The eyes are still fused shut with eyelids. The circulation and kidneys of your baby are now functional. The soft, tender bones of your baby are now getting stronger.

12 Weeks Pregnant 12 Weeks Pregnant

The muscles found in intestines of your baby are now practicing peristalsis, i.e. the contraction required to force the food via bowels.

Appearance in 12th Week Pregnancy

Due to insufficient fat deposits, her skin is still translucent through which her blood vessels are visible. The limbs of your baby have grown in some length and pretty much in proportion to rest of the body.

The nails begin appearing on her fingers and toes. The genitals also start developing but yet it’s too early to determine the sex of your baby.

 12 Weeks Pregnant

12 Weeks Baby Size

Movement in 12th Week Pregnancy

At 12 weeks pregnant, with development of muscles in the limbs, the movements will become frequent, but you will not be able to feel those movements as yet. If you observe your baby through an ultrasound scan, you will notice these movements. She will move her fingers, stretch her arms and legs, and also clench and unclench her hands.

Common Pregnancy Symptoms

You may experience following pregnancy discomfort at this stage:

  • Breast changes tenderness.
  • Frequent Urination
  • Morning Sickness
  • Constipation
  • Indigestion and Headaches

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