1-3 Weeks Pregnant

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The start of your last period marks the beginning of your pregnancy. Conventionally, it is true that the pregnancy actually starts 2 weeks after this point. Therefore, if you have missed your period, then this means that you are now 5 weeks pregnant. The full time pregnancy time lasts for 40 weeks, which basically interprets to you Estimated Date of Delivery or EDD which will be 40 weeks from your Last Menstrual Period or LMP.  At this point, it is important that you make a note of your delivery date, or the date you last had your period, because later this date will be useful in figuring out your due date.

1 Week Pregnant 1 3 Weeks Pregnant

Development in 1 to 3 Week Pregnancy

The approximate time of ovulation is about 14 days before the due time for your period. At this time of the month, the female body produces one egg (ovum). With the production of an egg, the lining of the female uterus begins to thicken. In order to fertilize the egg, only one sperm is required out of the millions, which successfully completed its journey up the Fallopian tube. As soon as the sperm attaches itself with the egg, the cell division process starts. It turns into a Zygote, that happens when sperm and egg become one and divide into more cells. The process of zygote at 4 days becomes a solid cell cluster which is known a morula.

2 Weeks Pregnant 1 3 Weeks Pregnant

Approximately a week after the fertilization of you egg, the cluster of cells will be hollow from the center at this time. This state is known as blastocyst which will reach the uterus and attach itself to its wall known as the implantation process. The first thing that this cell cluster will do after attaching itself to the uterus wall is produce an outer layer to develop into the placenta, an inner layer to develop in to the embryo and a amniotic sac. The lining of the uterus will be buried by a rot like structure developed by the outer layer. This will basically become the embryonic cord which wills the embryo to receive oxygen and nutrients from the circulation of her mother into the embryo.

3 Weeks Pregnant 1 3 Weeks Pregnant

Appearance in 1 to 3 Week Pregnancy

Apparently there will be nothing visible when you are 1-3 weeks pregnant. Morula, which will be microscopic in size, will resemble a mulberry. This mulberry looking Morula will resemble a grey-ish blackberry at around day 10. This state is known as blastocyst. This cluster of cells that is hollow will eventually develop and grow in to the embryo.

3 Weeks Pregnant1 1 3 Weeks Pregnant

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