Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy plays a very vital role in every woman’s life. Some women can plan their pregnancy in advance but this is not the case with all as there are many women who may have healthy pregnancy without any prior planning or preparation. However, it is highly recommended if both you and your partner take care of your health and fitness prior to  conceiving. Your good health level guarantee a healthy pregnancy and of course a healthy baby.

This guide will help you understand the different phases that you come across during pregnancy. The pregnancy week by week guide will also help working out what you should you expect week after week during pregnancy.

Early Pregnancy Test Pregnancy Week by Week

There are certain concerns you are worried about on knowing that you are pregnant such as morning sickness, body shape, weight, and much more. You really become conscious about your diet and may often find yourself in chaos whether what is to be taken and what is to be ignored, what sort of tests you need to have, and several other questions. There is certainly nothing to worry about as such, so keep your nerves cool and relax. Take everything normally with little bit of extra effort.

Pregnancy Weeks

Pregnancy is basically split into three different stages, i.e. early pregnancy, mid pregnancy and late pregnancy. The first stage of pregnancy (first trimester) comprises of week 1 to week 13, the second stage (second trimester) covers week 14 to week 28, and the late pregnancy stage (third trimester) involves week 29 to week 40.

In this guide we have covered each and every week of pregnancy with all its development, changes and expected symptoms. We have also provided a helpful guide regarding any suspected issues and complications that arises during pregnancy. By going through each week, you will be able to keep your pregnancy safe and healthy.

Pregnant Woman Pregnancy Week by Week

Planning your pregnancy earlier no doubt ensures healthy outcomes at later stages. It is better to start preparing yourself for pregnancy at least 3 months ahead, but it is even better if you start planning things 6 months or more before conceiving. It is recommended because you need to develop good positive habits way before conception and also you need to have enough time to discard the ill effects of your bad habits such as alcohol, smoking etc. This is not only for the mother, but the father also need to get rid of the bad habits to ensure the safety of both mother and the miracle inside her.

Nutrition During Pregnancy

Improving your nutrition is one of the most important parts of your pre-conceptual preparation. The initial few weeks are extremely vital for your baby’s gestation. Your baby will fulfill his needs from your body’s reserves even before you understand that you have conceived. As for nutrition, there are particular which you need more than others such as folic acid. Folic acid is important to keep your baby safe from neural defects. Taking a supplement of 0.4 mg (400 micrograms) per day 3 months prior to pregnancy through first 12 weeks of pregnancy can reduce the risks of neural tube defect like spina bifida by 50-70 percent in your baby.

Nutrition for Pregnancy Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy Supplements

A balanced healthy diet is the only way to have the necessary vitamins and minerals that are essential for you and your baby before and during pregnancy. There are specially formulated multivitamin for pregnancy that you can have to ensure healthy pregnancy. These multivitamin are essentially vital when you are taking a limited diet, i.e. vegan or vegetarian.

Getting Rid of Bad Habits in Pregnancy

In addition to nutritious diet, quitting bad habits is another major step that you need to take before conceiving. For instance, smoking can reduce the chances of becoming pregnant. Similarly, caffeine can also harm your fertility. The first few weeks are extremely important for your baby as she is more prone to the risks concerning alcohol-related abnormalities. So, quit all your bad habits way before you plan to conceive.

Pregnancy Weeks and Weight Change

As pregnancy is always associated with weight gain, you need to make sure before conceiving that your weight is in the healthy range. Remember, you need not to indulge yourself in crash dieting, yo-yo dieting or excessive exercise as these can have an adverse affect on your fertility. Also, being overweight or underweight can affect your ovulation. In case you are overweight and want to lose weight, then you have to be very careful in doing so. Always go for a sensible path to lose weight and that too before you plan to become pregnant. On the other hand, if you are underweight and want to increase it then don’t opt for fatty, sugary snacks or binge rather go for a balanced diet comprising of at least three nutritious ingredients.

Exercises During Pregnancy Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy Health Care

Before you plan to conceive, it is important to discuss any health issues or complications that can affect your pregnancy with your midwife. Don’t hide anything and explain everything to him/her openly whether you are on any medication, herbal treatment or homeopathic drugs for a long time. Another thing that you need to do before conceiving is to have a test for immunity to rubella, i.e. German measles.

It is highly recommended by health professionals and gynecologists that you should give at least a year gap between full-pregnancies. If you try to conceive before a year, you MAY have to face complications in that case.

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